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Beyond Black
by Hilary Mantel
Read by Anna Bentinck
Genre: General Fiction
Media: Audiobook

Alison Hart is a medium by trade. She and her cynical assistant, the slender, flint-hearted Colette, travel the clubs and psychic fairs of London's orbital road - Alison passing on the messages of the dead. But behind Alison's plump, smiling public persona is a tormented woman - being a bridge between the living and the dead can be an affliction not a blessing. Her days and nights are haunted by the unpleasant thugs and petty criminals that she grew up with; men who visited her prostitute mother, harrassing and preying upon Alison. The more she tries to be rid of their ghosts, the stronger and nastier they become.

ISBN - 9781445040349
Duration = 17 Hrs. 14 Mins.